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balvenie doublewood single malt scotch whiskey

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Balvenie DoubleWood 12 Year Old

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Balvenie DoubleWood 12yo Bottling Note

Aged in refill American oak casks before being finished in first fill European oak Sherry casks, DoubleWood is an excellent example of what the Balvenie distillery can craft, even at 12 years.

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt

Nose: Gristy, supple nuttiness intertwined with spices. Honeyed sultanas and grapes. Hugely inviting.

Palate: Sweet with good body. The bourbon characters develop; gentle spice with a little vanilla, a hint of balancing peat lurking quietly in the substrata. Dried fruit too, combining with nuts, nutmeg, cinnamon, back into the bourbon notes - so well integrated.

Finish: Spicy, slightly drying, still sweet.

Overall: A classic, always a pleasure to revisit. (This is also a single malt with the ability to convert a non-whisky drinker with its deliciousness...)



Balvenie DoubleWood 12 Year Old Reviews

I agree

Really excellent for that price.


Discovering new layers. Complex enough for mature palates. Vibrant colour. Subtle flavours. Sterling whisky. New favourite.

Sensibly priced sherry 'bomb'

Life is all about balance, and variation is the (Christmas) spice of life! Most of my cupboard is full of smoking steaming brutes from Islay, but some nights are better suited to a leather armchair and a smoking jacket sipping something sweeter and altogether more gentle on the central cortex. There are lots of sherried choices, but not so many in your local supermarket for £30 at such a good quality, so for me it's a must buy along with Dalwhinnie.

hard to beat for the price

layers of flavor and exceptional smoothness. great every-day dram. subtle spice and sweet without being cloying

The Best

This is my favourite whisky of all time. A real classic.


Sterling whisky. Excellent colour. Robust flavours. Centre ground in terms of quality.

My fauvorite

Absolutely beautiful whisky

Love it

Trying my first drink right now. The bottle was a gift but it already has become my favorite.

Flavorful, smooth and a great Whiskey to enjoy by the fire!!

Amazing Scotch Whisky. Well worth the money


NO thanks, too sweet one dimensional and a short lacking finish. Save your monies and buy something worth while.

Worth trying; worth ever so much again.

I've avoided Scotch for years, preferring bourbon, but Balvenie 12 year Doublewood won me over. Smooth and delightful; enjoyable on a fall evening in Maine when the grandchildren have gone home or they are asleep and it's just the misses and me.

Unacceptably sweet and cloying.

If you have a real sweet tooth you might like Balvenie Doublewood. For me this whiskey falls below the minimum acceptable quality for a single malt. AVOID.

Perfect for a summer single malt!

This is my summer single malt of choice - Laphroaig is far too heavy for the hotter months, and I tried this whisky on a whim, and I'm glad I did. Absolutely delicious, and very clean on the finish.


One of the best. Sultanas and blackcurrants with a bit of honey. Bold sweetness on the nose but more complex to taste. A hint of smoke to finish. Fantastic if you like dark fruity flavours like myself.

Dont believe tge hype. Way over priced

Like other two or three star reviews I was disappointed. Really over hyped dram. RRP in Sydney is $109. Overall its only slightly more complex than Glenmorangie 10 or the Aberour 12 but $25 more expensive. Too sweet, too much vanilla and honey. If you are willing to pay this price for a Speyside something like Oban 14 offers so much more. Will not buy again.


Sweet and treacly with hints of oak. A beautiful malt that goes really well with food.

Not impressed

Smell is inviting, fruit and honey. Although I can pick up some dried fruit, it mostly just tastes hot and salty. Improved considerably with a splash of water but still overpowering.


We stumbled upon this whisky by chance a number of years ago. Yaay!!! We absolutely love this whisky. The honey tones are delicious and the amber liquid enfolds your tongue.

lovely mellow taste

had it for the first time last time i was home,normally a glenmorangie drinker but was quite surprised at this one

Amazing price point

Delicious, well balanced with good body.Hints of Cinnamon, honey and a slight smoky finish. Wonderful for the price.

once tried never forgotten

wow. this is too good to review. you wont be dsisapointed believe me/ this is the stuff others are trying to create. 10 out of 10

Very Pleased

I personally never buy single malts. My son selected Balvenie DoubleWood as a birthday gift. Other single malts I've tried were lacking in depth/breadth of flavor profile. This is a very pleasing flavor balance in keeping with my personal blended scotch favorites. I'll likely buy it for special occasions.

Creamy smooth and toffee like

In addition to the above, I detect a little apricot in the nose as well. The nuttiness certainly stands out too - I get a strong whiff of Hazelnuts. It's certainly very inviting. Mmmmmm.

But to the taste... Creamy smooooooth. So lovely, so easy to drink and yet so very beautifully balanced. It's immediate love for me and easily upon my list of re-purchasables. l agree with the above stated finish, it's definitely sweet and in fact I get a soft malted toffee - plenty of toffee in the finish, its just superb. OMG wonderful! Its simply syrupy deliciousness!!

I've also tried the triple cask 12 year. For me this is streets ahead overall in character, maturity and general appeal. A very welcomed member to my family off whisky favorites :) Thank you Balvenie!

Nice easy sip.

The first time I tried this it was my first dive into whiskies of this region and ended up enjoying a few too many glasses with my dad alongside his Laphroaig. Both very easy sips yet very different.

I grabbed a bottle for myself and would advise putting this in the freezer and then pouring yourself a nice good sized glass. The natural sweetness of this whisky makes it a delightful sip (mainly as it's best left to breath a little but chilling it means you can dive straight in and enjoy the journey). as the glass warms in your hands each sip gets ever so much more flavourful. For its price I would say it's amazing value although keep half an eye out as it comes on offer fairly frequently.

would choose this again

really smooth mellow whiskey, easy to drink


Nose: cinnamon, sultanas and spices
Palate: mild, white-peppery bourbon with sultanas/dried apricot
Finish: bourbon

This is not a bad whiskey. Instead I would like to talk about value.

I had the Johnnie Walker Black for $38 CAD, the Aberlour 10 on sale for $43 CAD, the Auchentoshan 12 for $46, Suntory Tori for $53, now I bought the Balvenie DoubleWood 12 for $70 CAD.

For every extra ~$5 you paid, you get a little bit extra.

If you ask me which one to buy, then I must say get the Johnnie Walker Black for $38 CAD, or just throw in a few dollars more and go higher e.g. Nikka from the Barrel, Lagavulin 16, or Balvenie 14 Caribbean Cask of the same brand, or even Glenfarclas 15.

For $70 CAD, one would expect more.

Great beginner single malt.

Newcomer to single malt whisky and this is my favourite so far. Always thought the "smells of a damp meadow" brigade were abit pretentious but after trying a couple of whisky's I am myself starting to pick out different secnts and tastes. This is the first whisky I can definitely smell and taste properly and it's marvelous. I get oranges, dates, vanilla and the longer it's in the glass toffee. Can't wait to try some more but this will always have a place in my cabinet.

Collection wouldn't be complete

Has a sweet and spicey flavour that's quite unique. Never overpowering.

Amazing Scotch

Fantastic Speyside.

A 12 year old going on 20!

A single malt that punches well above its weight! a taste that holds just a bit longer!
happy days family bought me 2 for christmas,

Excellent use of the double maturation.

The Balvenie DoubleWood 12 YO is an excellent example of the fruits of double-maturation. Honey, vanilla, bit of bourbon, bit of sherry, fruit, slight floral.
The nose, the palate, and the finish are in harmony. Perfect for a warm evening on the deck or a late night beside the fire. IMHO, an extraordinary value.

2016 Advent Calendar Notes

Another of the light drams that I have enjoyed in the calendar, fruity sweet with that taste of honey on the nose, fruity and moderately spicy on the palate, and, though short, a memorable finish that favors the spice.

Thirsty Darter

On the 12th day of Christmas.....Balvenie 12 DoubleWood!!
Always a great dram of speyside at a reasonable price!
Lots of malt, wood and vanilla... a little spice! A thick mouth full.
Had it in a dram, neat!
Certain whiskeys don't need a tip or maybe I was just to lazy to get up to get water? Doesn't matter, it was nice!



I switched

For years I had been a Blanton's Single Barrel drinker. Not anymore. It is a easy drink and smooth.


Lovely malt whisky. Haven't tried this before but had it as a present for my 50th. Goes down really well. Will get another. Best present. Highly recommend.

the best

very fine drink

An Awesome speyside

Drinking neat: musky wood, milk chocolate & orange, honey, fruit, grape, cherry, cereal, vanilla custard, spicy, sherry, decadent, sweet, burnt sugar, birthday candle, short finish. A very enjoyable little speyside. It's very similar to a Brandy with the fruits and spice but the added vanilla custard, honey round it out and make it its own.

Drinking neat (let sit for 1 hour): It has definitely become more Brandy like. It has mellowed and the flavors have meld into a syrupy, fruity, vanilla substance. The milk chocolate and musky wood as faded. I tastes better without sitting but this is still very good.

Great 12yr

Always love this classic 12yr. Great flavor and balance, a must have for my Scotch cabinet.


Fill stars enjoyable smooth whiskey

Very good

in Mexico we get the 43%. It's very good and balanced. Perfect for after a nice dinner.
Someone below said it is harsh compared to JW Platinum, well, pretty much any Single Malt is harsher than a 18 YO blended whisky. Single Malt Whisky is supposed to be more intense.


Fairly thick coatline and legs run slowly, indicating high viscosity.
Nose-very sweet, figs, sultanas, estery, vanilla, caramel, honey, citrus coming through,, oaky, sulphur coming through if left to air for 20 mins or more, probably due to burning of sulphur candles to fumigate the Oloroso casks. Sweetness diiminishes a fair bit after 30mins or more.
Palate-very sweet, Demerara sugar, caramel, honey, a little spicy.
Finish-short to medium length. Sweetness dominates.
Conclusion - IMO too sweet, would be interesting to know which fill went into the American oak casks first. At one point I thought I caught s little smoke, but could be my imagination.


Was a little dissapointed...did have a harshness to it...prefer JW Gold or Platinum around same price.

As good as it gets

Balance is the best word I can think of to describe this wonderful single malt. Double wood aging is not a gimmick. It vastly improves an deepens the flavor


The first time I split a bottle of this it was very nice, smooth and a little sweet.
The 2nd bottle I picked up though had a real harsh tang to it though, could just be a bad bottle so I'd still recommend this, definitely one to let breath though, and a drop of water doesn't do any harm.

Balvenie DoubleWood 12

I have been drinking scotch for many years, mostly in the realm of Glenlivet 15; Glenmorangie Port and Glenmorangie Sherry. Seems that is my price range. I'm not a smokey or a peat lover, rather the smoothness of Balvenie DoubleWood has met my needs and taste.

No longer the value it was!

Nice Scotch, but not a GREAT single malt.

Balvenie Dbl Wood has increased in price substantially more than Glenlivit and Glennfiddich! Why? I was predominantly a Balvenie fan for years as it was a decent scotch, at a decent price for average to better value. In this past 18 months, Grant & Sons kept pushing pricing too aggressively. It simply wasn't and isn't worth the premium they ask vs. other solid single malts.
Markets are a fragile thing......

Not a fan.

Granted I'm a Laphraoig fan, which is distinctly different. I'm fine with Chivas and enjoy Auchentoshan.
I was underwhelmed by Balvenie. Perhaps just my unsophisticated palate, but it tasted: harsh and average.

Alberto Viloria

Excelente Calidad y Excelente Whisky de Malta.


Bought this for the first time in a few years today because it wasn't overly priced which it typically is here in Cali nowadays and I'm glad I did because it's just as good as I remember it being. So smells like cinnamon apples and candied hazelnuts, tastes like sweet sherried oak, caramel, toffee,raisins, orange peels, cinnamon and honey. An absolute pleasure to drink this is one of the whiskies that got me into scotch and is probably the best introduction to speyside whisky in my opinion. Definitely a classic very flavorful goes down smooth too bad it's getting so expensive. The sugarbear


Soak some dirtypeat alcohol in good old USA Bourbon barrels, then finish it in slimy European wine casks…
Let it stew for a long time in a Scottish sheep hovel…Overprice it and sell it to the stupid colonists…BRILLIANT!


I got me a bottle and my first glass wasn't impressive. The more I had it the more I started to love it. It is really a great whisky and one that I will buy from time to time. If I had to compare to another whisky, it would be Macallan 12. Although the Macallan has more of a woody flavour I think they are very similiar, but slightly prefer the Macallan.


Top job from balvenie, so easy to sit and drink this whisky straight or with a bit of ice if required


Overwhelming new horizons


This has become my whisky of choice. I love it. It is gentle, while at the same time so interesting and full on the palate. It takes up my full attention, and tells me so many new things as I linger on it.


The old 15 was miles above the 12. I'm very unimpressed with it. A Glendronach 12 blows away the Bal DW and the Glendronach is $15 cheaper


I wonder afield in the scotch world and always go back to Balvenie. Flavorful with a hint of peat and sweetness that reminds me of Scotland.


Great buy!!

Ok, Let's Be Objective

From a neat pour there's initially a light chocolaty sweetness, orange, with sandalwood and metallic notes lingering on the nose. Those later gave way to overripe pears, musty damp oak, burnt orange and cinnamon buns. The palate is undeniably smooth, but overpowered with medicinal notes reminiscent of cough syrup. Disappointingly, despite some complexity, I found it difficult to locate any definitive sweetness - just an unpleasant harshness. The numbing finish presented bittersweet cocoa that trailed off into an herbal, fatty note à la fenneled genoa salami.

I received this as a sample from the Chaps as Master of Malt, and unless it was mislabeled, found it difficult to agree with their tasting notes. Admittedly, I am not a fan of first fill sherry. Perhaps the sulphured "spice" it can impart is not to my liking, but either way I expected warm, comforting, carameled oak somewhere in the spirit... just couldn't find it.

For the same price, I personally prefer the sweet, spiced, peat-kissed maltiness and firmer palate of Springbank 10. Think I'll stick with that!

Just a whiskey lover

One of the most enjoyable malts i have had the pleasure of tasting, well worth the money & would have paid more knowing how good it was.


I'm completely aghast at the total lack of objectivity in these reviews.
If it doesn't taste good, it isn't! This one TASTES GOOD! Smooth enough to drink anytime you so desire, complex enough to please ANY educated palate, no obnoxious sulphury peat taste. If I wanted sulphur, I'd chew a kitchen match. Smoke your cigar later, enjoy this now.
By the way, it won't break the bank...

It's not perfect but damn near it

This is a great scotch. Its sweet up front but robust thereafter. Not overly powerful but well rounded taste. No distinct peat / smokeyness,

Love it

Picked up the Balvenie 12 year DoubleWood on the recommendation from some colleagues who rave about their longer aged bottlings. This one was fairly affordable and a good introduction to Balvenie (and Speyside whisky in general). I can see what people mean when they say it's a beginner's or introductory Speyside single malt.

While, it isn't the most complex and challenging whisky around (especially in it's price range of $70 a bottle where I live in Texas) and the finish is a tad lacking (Ralfy mentions this in his review of the DW 12 and I agree completely), I still find some positives in this whisky that make it worth having in the cabinet.

The nose is fantastic. It's got a wonderful light and refreshing spice and citrus smell to it. The taste is more of that with some good sweetness to it. Not much beyond that, but what it does have is quite enjoyable. I like it enough that I try not to blow through the bottle and look forward to tasting it and sharing it with others. I would definitely purchase it again when it's finished.


Bought this after I read about it here... just what I expected, thank you guys!

Good with a smoke!

I'm in the Cigar House in Old San Juan and it goes great with a Gloria Cubana Serie R!

Great value for money

I've been drinking single cask, malt whiskeys for years, at about £50-£70, from Sunday Times Wine Club. I was given this DoubleWood 12 as a present. And I was impressed. So I hit the internet to see what it was worth. Now I'm really impressed. I will definitely be ordering more of this, & less of the single cask bottles. I am not a connoisseur, but I can tell the good from the bad. And this is good.

Mr Mackenzie

I was given a bottle of this for my 6oth Birthday and have to congratulate you for the best whiskey on the market today. Well Done 5Stars from me.

Hot, unrefined, lacking complexity

Doesn't exhibit many clear faults, but it strikes me as hot and lacking subtlety.

Gristy = Grainy; of wheat or grain.


Peter Lowe

Not as good as I thought it would be. Loved the smokiness though.



Art Jones

Simply a luscious single malt that enlightened my palate

Little rough, but pleasing

I drank this while watching Nick Offerman drink a whisky at a fireplace. It has an odd nose, straight up spices, probably what the description above calls "gristy", but I'm not familiar with that term. On the tongue it was good, just enough peat to be fun, but a little rough at times. Caught in my throat a bit, but it was a good experience.

Final Note: I am doing the 2015 advent calendar. As a result, I get one drink at it to decide if I like it enough to buy more. Sometimes I need to drink something three or four times to make up my mind. Thus, my rating is based on a one-time drink experience.

Best Daily Dram, Hands Down!

My scotch collection will never lack this bottle..... Incredible value for a creation that now stands out as the perfect ambassador for Speyside distillers!

Mr M Attwell

Absolutely love this whiskey,.so smooth with lots of different flavours.
I don't enjoy having my mouth incinerated like some whiskeys have a tendency
to do. This is the total opposite and I will buy it now regularly.

My "Go To" Single Malt

Sure, Glenlivet and Glenfiddich are okay in a pinch, but when you want to keep it near $50 - with a reason to spend and a reason to enjoy - the Balvenie is the way to go. Many fond memories and hopefully many more to come. Take it in.

Best value for a sweet tasting Scotch

Another great value from the gents at Balvenie. Try it before you buy it, or just go for it with this decent price on a great whisky.

Was a Fan

Was a big fan of the Double wood but the bottles that do not have the signature on the bottle to me are not as good as the bottles that have the signature on the bottle themselves.


i fucken loved it


Not bad but this is nothing compare to other The Balvenie bottles like Caribean cask, the 15 Sherry or the 17 years old. I suggest you go higher on that scale to fully appriciate the Bavelnie potential.

Bonnie, Here's tae ye!

Smell it. Take drink and hold it for a few moments, swirl, exhale through your nose, swallow slow. Fantastic!

Very good

Very good distillate, great nose and taste. No brainer for the price!

our go to scotch

A bit of novice but we have settled on Balvinie 12 - stopped buying others in this price range that didn't compare.

Strange, but good.

As sweet as a cognac. Almost. Some other interesting things happening on the palate. One poster here even described it as somewhat bourbon-like. I'd agree with that. Definitely has its own unique taste profile. A pretty solid single malt that stands up to its higher priced, more aged, peers.

The sherry casks always ruin it for me.

Light to medium mouth, light spice on tongue, nice sweetness, then fades and is slightly annoying, and back to being nice. Ahhh! It’s aged in sherry casks, which always bothers me.

Simply Delicious

I opened this bottle when I got it and slowly drank a few drams over a couple weeks then let it set for a couple weeks. First pours were not very dramatic or inspiring..

Having let the bottle sit for a couple weeks almost 3/4 full, it has changed for the better. I'm not sure what the deal is with some single malts that change after opening and letting sit for a couple or more weeks, but some change with dramatic flair. This is one of them.

The nose is now far more supple and inviting. Vanilla is more pronounced with the fruit side.

Pallet is way better and a tad sweeter. Though the finish is kind of short,
I just cant stop nosing this one.

Will be buying this one again.

The Best


Just want to keep going like - THIRST FOR WATER......

best I have ever had

Got a bottle as a fathers day gift. Outstanding taste with the mixture of the two woods.

Very good for the price

I've been drinking single malts for a few years now and for the price I haven't found anything better, started with the 12yo Balvenie and kept coming back to it exactly because of what most people who like it say, it's a nice, easy drink and doesn't disappoint.

can anyone suggest an alternative for the price?


I must say that it's overpriced. It would be acceptable for 20%-30% less money. Reminds me too much of bourbon. However, we all have a different palate and if you like it, by all means go for it. It's not bad, but it's not for everybody.

I don't want to drag down the rating, so I'm not rating it.

Enjoyed one bottle with friend

And it went down smooth. My first Balveine at the time, it was recommended by a co-worker. I enjoy the 12, 14, 15 and 21 year. The older the better with Balveine.

The Truth

I was a bourbon drinker, got a bottle of doublewood, and I am now a scotch lover. This stuff is honestly amazing, you cannot tell you're sipping 90+ proof whisky when this swirls around your mouth.

My first Scotch

I'm mainly a beer & wine guy and I dabble into Ky bourbon from time to time. But I lately started to explore single malt scotch and decided to start with Balvenie Doublewood 12-year. Incredible! Though I've tasted different scotches before, this was my first bottle of scotch that I've bought. Very smooth texture and magnificent flavors. If you're new to scotch (like me) this is a great one to start with. The peaty scotches of Islay are a little too smoky and strong for me right now, but I'm sure I'll warm up to them eventually. But my first impression with scotch is a very good one thanks to Balvenie 12-year old Doublewood.

Bed Reviewers are off their rocker

I've been exploring "budget" Scotches for quite some time, and it is getting harder and harder for me to find a 40 - 60$ bottle of Scotch that I haven't tried yet. That being said, this is as good a bottle of Scotch as there is in the 40 - 60$ price range. You simply will not find a better, more balanced, and warm single malt out there. The initial palate impressions are vanilla, brown sugar, and a little spice. The thing I really enjoy about this scotch is the texture. It is much cleaner than some of the other cheaper, tripled distilled, Scotches out there. It fills your mouth and the flavor coats your entire palate, not just the specific sensory buds on the tip of your tongue and back of your throat. the finish is quick, with not a lot of lingering woodiness. I love this Scotch, and it has become my go to standard. I have had some very experienced Scotch drinkers blind taste test this against much more expensive and longer aged bottles, and they consistently pick the Balvenie over the others. Don't listen to the negative reviews. This is a little budget gem of a whiskey.

appreciative man

Superb, smooth as silk

Once started..

..never stop. Nice balanced. Perfect for a malt beginner as myself

Good Scotch, Pretty but Pretentious Bottle

Love the name. Doublewood is the way to go. Good scotch. Tastes like scotch. However, I have trouble believing that they are the ONLY distillery that malts in their own traditional floor maltings and still employs a team of coppersmiths. That can't be true.

Don't hate cha.

I had this at a whisky bar and loved it. Got notes of raisins, pound cake, green apple, corn, and vanilla among many other things. I went out and bought a bottle, naturally, and was a little disappointed in how (as many people have stated) mellow, and middle of the road it is. As an islay fan I do appreciate a nice fruity/sweet break now and again, but I still have a lot more to explore, and I feel I could find it's equal without too much searching.

Blend it

Like other reviewers have noted, the Balvenie DoubleWood 12 may seem a bit too smooth, almost to the point of being bland. I decided to mix it with about 10 to 15% Talisker 10 and I think the combination is better than either one its own.

Surprised at the mixed reviews!

I've spent the last couple months trying every 12 y\o scotch I could get my hands on. I'm up to nearly a dozen (8 or 9 single malts and a couple blends). So far The Balvenie DoubleWood 12 is far and away my favorite. The Macallan and Glenfiddich would be a distant second and third.

Wonderful nose... Warm and spicy... More than reasonably priced.

Now on to some more mature offerings... Think I'll start with the DoubleWood 17.

It's Priced to Win

The price is what keeps this dram highly perched on my shelves. It's one to always have on hand as a daily dram. Thats exactly what this is: safe, cozy and reliable. There is some kind of plastic taste mid palate, but otherwise is wonderful. I would expect more bite from a more expensive scotch, but at forty bills, the vanilla and inoffensive flavor profile are just what I want. Yea the finish is short, but really? you want a lengthy lingering finish at this price point with that same thick, gummy flavor and body? you're dreaming at this price. if you want all of that, that's going to cost upwards of at least $65.00 here is Cali and more elsewhere. this is the kind of drop that should be regularly stocked on every scotch drinkers shelves for its affordability and reliability. if you're loaded then by all means complain and buy a higher whisky. if you're like the rest is us, be grateful this Balvenie exists and is always available and affordable.

Quite enjoyable

I too prefer to peatier more robust malts but found this offering to be quite enjoyable and refreshing nonetheless. Plenty of honey/sweet notes joined by vanilla and a slight nuttiness...Even picked up some very slight lemon notes (unless my olfacctorys misfired). A bit more of an alcohol burn than I would expect from a seemingly gentle scotch but nothing overwhelming. The finish is warm though I agree with others that it disappears in short order. Medium length finish is a reasonable statement. Certainly would consider this as a "go to" whisky when I'm looking for something different than an Islay...but that's not very often. ;)


This dram is quality and complexity and simplicity achieved at a great price point. I have a well rounded and experienced profile for Scotch
whisky, thus can confidently say that for forty dollars here in California, this offering from Balvenie should be a go to for he serious Scotch drinker. for all the flavoring notes and such, read the description atop and other reviewers who reflect that. They are right on. It is fruity yet resonant with deeper notes, oak and a thread of sherry. The only accusation I can agree to is that it doesn't hang around extraordinary long. I'd say the finish is of medium length, not short. The nose is inviting with nuts and vanilla. It is smooth on the palate with just enough spice. This is a wonderful 12 year old, and you won't find many 12's that can come close to this at such affordable price. it is my quintessential daily
dram for a man with a modest to above average budget.


Repugnant smell and taste like a Bourbon


full body, very warm, full of honey and vanilla, may the best malt i have ever tasted.

Very, very good scotch - especially for the price

I usually opt for the peatier drams: Ardbeg, Lagavulin, Laphroaig. But for my nightly "sip" I sometimes need a break from that genre, a little variety - and the Balvenie 12 is a perfect option. Complex and rich enough to satisfy that stronger palate, yet has a smoothness and some gentler notes that offer the regular scotch drinker a very satisfying choice. Highly recommended.

Joe Perry

Awesome baby


This was a gift from my son.He received a recommendation from a friend who drinks scotch.I first noticed the sweet smell of sherry and the rich taste
on my first sip.I also though it went down smooth,it's the best 12yr old that I tasted so far.I'm surprised anyone would rate it a 2.I would rate your 12yr DoubleWood 4 stars Plus

Balvenie 12 DoubleWood

DoubleWood was one of the first malts I had and I'll always remember it was the very first one that made me say "wow" and opened my eyes to how good whisky is. I tried it again recently and now having about 80-90 different malts under my belt I thought there was no way it was going to live up to my high expectations based on the memory of my first experience but it absolutely did. There are very few whiskies of the same age or price range that I rate higher than DoubleWood, it's a stunner!

Not so Good

Lovely nose of character but it stops there. Once on the lips there is a harsh burn and a bland taste. The finish is very short. It needs maturing in better quality oak and why do they only give it 2 months in the sherry cask? There are plenty of much better 12 year old Speysides around - Not recommended

A perfect 12 year old.

I love this whiskey. I tried the 17 year old version and was disappointed as I couldn't find much difference so just get this instead.

Quite Delicious

The body was a nice surprise. Really recommend for after dinner. Fuller body, slightly sweet with honey and cinnamon. Not terribly complex but do not pass it up. A perfect winter warmer.

On target

Nice dram, rich but sweet bourbon like nose. Silky and sweet taste, vanilla and lots of honey. Medium-long pleasant relaxing finish. Overall a neatly packed whisky that gets better with every glass. Not to be missed!

Well Made and so good to drink.

Classic Spayside and so pleasant to drink. You may prefer a differnt style, but how anyone can say its not a great whisky is totaly beyond me.

I'm not a connoisseur but I am from a scotch loving family

I have tried many scotches and by far this is my favorite plain and simple

First Scotch

I've found the Doublewood to be smooth with a slight bite. the taste is buttery and similar to the recent explosion of honey drinks. I enjoy the drink and will continue my pursuit of the ultimate drink for my palette.

on my second bottle

rushed the first, too exited with the smooth taste and ended up drunk. the smoothness and sweetness goes well together, i like the taste and absence of any bitter food colouring aftertaste bitterness. 10/10 for taste value and the bottle looks really nice with the wide lip.


This whiskey has to be one of the very best 12 year bottles around! Great taste and very smooth! Give it a go, you will not be disapointed!!


Excellent stuff!!!!! That's all needs too be said!! cheers

A beautiful dram

I originally bought this down in Devon when staying with an ex-partner. This helps bring back warm memories.

The nose is subtle grape, a distantly rich/sweet touch in there. On the palate I get a nice sensation of sublte spice and vanilla. Very smooth - perfect for a summer evening or relaxing by a fire. The finish is dry and warming. A slight lingering of spicers leaving you pleased and wanting more.

Overrated and overpriced

I bought this whisky because it got some really good reviews. Boy, was I disappointed! Simply put: it's flat. The nose is alright, but the palate and finish are disappointing. I would expect this from some young spirit. And it's not the only Balvenie that gets the 'flat' mark either! They should get their act together sooner rather then later.
I am going elsewhere for my dram.

Vaired palates

The vitriol used to describe a whisky is narcissistic and condescending. Why is it not enough to say that you’d “prefer another”? I’m not a connoisseur of whiskies, in part because I don’t know what that is, but I have partaken for some 45 years and this is the best-tasting whiskey I’ve had. But if you find comfort in denigrating someone else’s tastes, go ahead. We partake as a pleasure – not as a measurement of one’s character.

A solid Scotch...

I believe review about two down from this is spot on "...accept it for what it is...", however O would submit their two stars rating is unfairly low. I too wish the finish was more complex and longstanding, but it is a smooth, supple drink and the finish is pleasant. This is an easy recommendation for a new Scotch drinker.

Zum Wohl,


Father's Day

My son bought me a bottle of Balvenie Doublewood 12 year old for Father's Day. Now I'm not a whisky guru, I know nought of vanilla, spice, or bourbon finishing, or interesting characteristics, or personality This is a damn good drop of five star liquor, ideal for the World Cup or any other sporting event.Value for money, YES

accept it for what it is

I enjoy tasting different styles, palates, finish of whisky's. Yes there are some that dont leave a big impression or I had high expectations but didnt deliver. This one was somewhere in between. the Bourbon/Sherry 'characters' i like i just wish the finish was more complex and lasted longer.

A bit....Bland

Nice smooth cask influence, but that's about it.This scotch whisky doesn't really have interesting characteristics or a personality of its own....

90% of all Scotch

Good malt. Newbie people to scotch deceiving this one. Comments like these one are proof of that... "tastes too much like a bourbon wannabe", "Being aged in bourbon barrels may be doing this scotch a bit of a disservice"... about 90% of all scotch whisky is matured in ex-bourbon cask...

A great introduction to malts

Even your non scotch drinking mom will be begging for another refill! Great intro into the world of "sweeter" malts.

just call it bourbon

this stuff isn't worth the hype. yes, it's smooth, but that's about it. tastes too much like a bourbon wannabe (for a single malt price). you'll get more bang for your buck with elijah craig. there's just no 'there' there...

Mr David Shire

I am new to scotch. Balvenie 12 year Double was recommended to me and I am SOLD. Smooth, flavorful and easy to drink. Awesome!!!

Standard stuff

A very average whisky, a bit uninspiring really. So many better ones out there in the price bracket.

good luck

If you can find a better balance for the price let me know, I'll have two!


Enjoy my first bottle of Balvenie DW back in 1994 in NYC after sampling many single malts in the range of 50 to 120 U$....All I can say is that subdue me forever, now, 20 year later, almost 50 years old and with a decent drinking experience I amcertain it will remain my number 1

As Good As Malt Whisky Gets

I have been drinking Balvenie Doublewood for a great many years. Those who are critical of this superb malt cannot possibly know what they are talking about.


This would be great if labeled as a bourbon, and it is very smooth as far as bourbons go. However, because I was looking for a good scotch, I was disappointed with this. There was just the slightest tinge of scotch hidden in there somewhere, but bourbon was the predominant flavor. Being aged in bourbon barrels may be doing this scotch a bit of a disservice, something I wish I had thought of before spending as much as I did. You could get a comparable bourbon for less than a bottle of this and be equally satisfied.

Not for me

I had a bottle of this and I did not like it. I have been drinking various single malts lately and found it to offer special. Did not like the aftertaste in particular. Also noticed that on the second day of the taste was actually worse. I honestly tried to like it but found that it is not to my taste. I thought it tasted like medicine. In my opinion there is much better Scotches within the price range.

Awesome stuff

Very nutty in both aroma and flavor. Nose also has butterscotch and banana. Smooth flavor, brief but satisfying finish. A soothing dram, very enjoyable.


Accompanied with marios suvla all the way from cyprus we had a bottle this afternoon and it was amazing. Very smooth, soft and no shionis. Highly recommended at a great price.

Must have whisky

Big Blouse Required

Great as an appertif. Runs flat. wife loves it. Great for the price. Think the Irish may like this.

A most have

In that range price, it's one on the smoothest. It's certainly an incredible one to start you collection and it become an easy point of reference when you explore others.

My first scotch

I'm normally a bourbon drinker but this scotch may have just moved me to the other side. Slightly sweet the sherry finish is notable with a buttery hint. A beautiful scotch and perfect first scotch taste. Five stars.

The Balvenie is really a good drink.

I enjoyed this drink with my wife and we are very happy to have it. Mathew Sahane n Gretta sahane.

Not my Fav

Pleasant nose. The palate begins with a somewhat soapy element I cannot describe well, rest is not very complex, bit of spicy vanilla, short finish.. it is not a bad whiskey but both Dalwhinnie and Glenmorangie, of same price class, I prefer.

Nice decent for price

Nice indeed better than some of the more generic stuff, not as good as glenfarclas but decent...

Easily the best £30 scotch...

Yeah... I like all the Balvenies. Not quite at the level at the Dalmore, but a step up from Glenmorangies and Highland Park etc... Really drinkable and I always have a bottle in my cupboard. Jason Breen


It's not bad at all and better after it's had a few weeks open... Nice dam not too complicated but enough going on. A decent drop.


hate this whisky...yuuukkk

light Oak notes; no real honey

It's all nutmeg, vanilla, and wood. Plus some green apple. The DoubleWood is an okay starter scotch, but there exist much better oak-themed malts (for instance the Auchentoshan 12 is at the same 'level'). Note that this malt improves with oxidation, as it starts to pick up some caramel notes.

light Oak notes; no real honey

It's all nutmeg, vanilla, and wood. Plus some green apple. The DoubleWood is an okay starter scotch, but there exist much better oak-themed malts (for instance the Auchentoshan 12 is at the same 'level'). Note that this malt improves with oxidation, as it starts to pick up some caramel notes.

Very nice Single Malt

It's a very nice whisky, great as a first venture into Single Malt.
I do prefer the Glenlivet 12yo over this one though, which is also a little cheaper.

Very smooth and robust

Very smooth and strong
First time I've ever had this scotch. I used to drink scotch about 30 years ago and gave it up for wine. Got this for a 60th birthday present and it is very, very nice...smooth, with a bit of a bite! I will go easy on this or I might revert back to 30 years ago!!

Very smooth and strong

First time I've ever had this scotch. I used to drink scotch about 30 years ago and gave it up for wine. Got this for a 60th birthday present and it is very, very nice...smooth, with a bit of a bite! I will go easy on this or I might revert back to 30 years ago!!


Hate to disagree with the majority, but considering the price, I found this to be a little harsh, almost like a blended whisky. I prefer my old standby Glenlivet 18 year old scotch over this. It does have quite a kick though.

For Beginners and Veterans

I don't know of another quality Scotch that can charm a beginner's palate quite like the Doublewood 12 year. It's very inviting, has all the qualities one looks for in a Speyside, but in gentle, non-threatening proportions. It won't scare a beginner away--my first Scotch tasting was a Laphroig, perpetrated as a trick by an uncle with a dubious sense of humor; that first sip sadly kept me away from all Scotches, even bland blends, for nearly a decade. Today it's my favorite bottle, but I had to earn its virtues, a concept that would have been lost on me as a tyro. When my 17 year old daughter turns 18 later this year, she's been promised a sampling from any bottle in the cabinet, but I'm going to use what's left of my waning paternal influence and suggest her first Scotch to be this Doublewood. I love this bottle and I love her more, so it makes good sense to pair the two. After that, she's on her own (unless she wants my advice anymore, which I hope she will).

Lacking a finish

I found the sherry cask to add nothing to the whisky, a good solid whisky. But for an extra taste I'ld look at Penderyn.

Best Single Malt for the Price

Balvenie Doublewood 12 year old scotch is hands-down the finest single malt scotch on the market for the price. The 60 + day sherry cask barrel finish gives this beauty a taste of smooth yet complex notes, with a flavour that lingers in oaken and off-vanilla hints. Cheers!


For the price it doesn't get much better - warm caramel and honey deliciousness!!

slightly lacking

I enjoyed a bottle of this but felt it slightly lacking in depth in a way I cant really explain. maybe ive been spoiled by other (better) whisky's of a similar taste theme, but id rather spend a little more and get something I really enjoy, still 7/10

Very smoothe and relaxing

I love this whisky. It is very smooth and quite good served on the rocks. I usually prefer my whisky served neat, but something in the flavor happens to this one served over ice. Enjoy!

warm spicy cozy

after the monkey shoulders I tried this one and so happy I did. It is real warm but smooth. Truly I tasted/smelled caramel pear. Taste buds hold the molecules and never is the throat hurt. Velvet fiery should I say. Bought it at the airport. Tasted it in Montreal and felt this welcoming feeling erasing any trouble each time. Alchemy of whisky blending in personality.

DoubleWood, DoubleGood!

I really enjoyed this dram...light on the nose with a huge whiff of grapes, a solid warm and spicy palate, and a nice medium-long finish that's plenty dry. The oak and the sherry are most evident on the nose...while I prefer some of The Balvenie's other offerings, this is a fine daily scotch at a fantastic price.

McPherson, Chicago

Vanilla, honey, white pepper, spice with a gentle sherry, a little nuttiness and light citrus notes. This is a smooth, subtle whisky with a nice mix that wont tire your palate. One to add to the collection and a great one for a first or second dram on a flight.

Teri Maa di...

For the price, this is a winner every time. Awesome scotch.

Not bad, for a Speyside

Despite my heavy Islay leanings, I have to say that this is one of my favorite scotches. Smooth, but fairly complex and well-rounded. The more mellow taste imparts an almost buttery quality to the slight oiliness. From my experience, a great starter scotch too, given how many people I've converted with it.

forgot to rate


very good

This was one of my first single malts and i liked it a lot. It's a nice whisky to start with if you like full flavour and a little sting but not the peat or smoke.


I have tried numerous whiskeys for under 50$ and the Doublewood takes it. It is superior in my opinion to Johnny Walker Red/Black, Glenfiddich 12/18, Glenlivet 12, Dewars white/red, Jack Daniels original/gentleman/single barrel/honey, Southern Comfort. Keep in mind I am rating it against other whiskeys under 50$. This is by far the best. As a college student I am happy that Balvenie produces a whiskey that is affordable even for people like me who want good scotch but can't afford the expensive stuff. Keep up the good work.

Hey guys (gays)

Cool man


I agree with John Eva, this is pretty much basic Speysider. Not much complexity or character. There is much better whiskies in this price range.


Trying to like this, but, it offers nothing. No fruit, no spice, nothing but a buzz.

John Eva

Not bad but not great either, if you can find it on offer from the supermarkets for around £25 worth spending the money on it otherwise I can think of a few different whisky's I would prefer for the similar price range.

Great scotch according to my friends!

I keep buying DoubleWood as gifts for my friends since they love it so much and I have yet to add it to my personal inventory. The next bottle I purchase will be for myself! Although I'm sure I'll partake in this most recent gift purchase one evening with my local friend. I'm really looking forward to trying it out. I give it a 10 based on how dedicated my friends are to the DoubleWood variety.


I don't know what everyone else thinks; I don't care! But what I think is this: the Balvennie Double Wood's nose is very oaky; deep and soft, then the taste is mulled whiskey; mellowed maturity (kindness with substance) the finish is medium as one would expect for the price: mild, but long and gentle, yet no bitter taste or sour notes. I rate this whiskey as excellent for its price, and one of my favourites given its cost! The bottle is like a true whiskey with no pretenciousness. This is a nice whiskey; good for newcomers as it is full of depth from the oak and full of flavour from the sherry; it is a gentle, honest and a kind whiskey! I don't care who you are or whether or you think MasterofMalt have posted this; this is a post from a true customer and I hope you enjoy the whiskey as I have!

Very very good!

Me and one of my best friends opened a bottle of this wonderful Doublewood and literally finshed the bottle without even notice it!!! The sweetness and the lovely vanilla taste, hypnotised us. (From Portugal... Sorry for my English...)

Great whiskey. Period.

Title says it all.


Lovely smooth and pleasant single malt whiskey,the evident bourbon and fruity finish will make you cherish the moment. Awesome taste on the rocks and more over the 43% Vol gives an edgy high over common 40% Vol malts.


A lovely drop, not too complex or too simple, great almost bourbon tasting scotch, love the subtle fruity finish, would like the finish to be a little stronger, but a great drink, one of my favourites


The Balvenie Doublewood is one of my favourite whiskies. The sherry influence is discreet and combines really well with the Balvenie style. This is a rich whisky with a beguiling nose that would be my top recommendation for anyone wishing to get into single malts. But this is not merely an 'introductory' or 'value for money' malt, I think it's great regardless of the cost. The best 12 year-old whisky around in my opinion.

Super Smooth

Easy Going And delicious... feeling pleasure to have it would like to suggest you to have it once in your life whether you drink or not and pe kar ho jao talli. Cheersssssssssss to people.


A delicious and full flavored whisky!Highly recommended!

Always a pleasure

Good value, good whisky


Yet to find another whisky as good. Smooth and sweet but with just enough bite. Everytime I have a dram I find something new in the flavours, happily complex.

Comparing Aberlough 12 yr to Balvenie 12 yr

Tried Aberlough to compare it to Balvenie 12, the price was very good but there just wasn't the "bite" that Balvenie has.. Balvenie is hard to beat for the price..

Worth twice he Price....

I've yet to find anything in this price range that is even half as good. Wonderful with a pice of ice, or drop of water. I perfer a clean finish, and shy away from alot of smoke.

Argree with 'Founders Reserve' but.....

Found that "when drank straight or with just a drip or two of water was noticeably strong......bourbon aging side" that he was talking about to my liking!!!, Like Dalwhinnie 15 but a little less of a prickly feel and more toffee/vanilla thing going on as well- Didn't notice any "peat lurking"- not that I minded.

Tried this trying to replace Balvenie ' Founders Reserve '

I liked the Founders Reserve, it was sweet, balanced, everything in the right amounts, it was not complex or heavily aged at its price range but very mildly pleasing. This new double wood when drank
straight or with just a drip or two of water was noticeably strong to me on the bourbon aging side with an overt young green oakiness to it. It did finish better with some warm sherry tones in there though. I may
like it better over a piece of ice. Still better than most at this price. Cheers

Too short finishing in sherrywood

There isn't much of a sherrywood there (just 2 months finishing!). The finish is too short too. The Balvenie Signature or 15yo Single Barrel will do honours of this distillery.

Balvenie DoubleWood 12 Year Old

Awards for Balvenie DoubleWood 12yo


Speyside Single Malts up to 12yo - 2015

The Scotch Whisky Masters (The Spirits Business)


Distillers' Single Malts 12 years and under - 2014

International Spirits Challenge

Silver Outstanding
Silver Outstanding

Scotch Single Malt - Speyside - 2014

International Wine & Spirit Competition


Daily Dram - 2013

Malt Maniacs Awards

Silver Outstanding
Silver Outstanding

Scotch Single Malt - Speyside - 2013

International Wine & Spirit Competition


Speyside Single Malts up to 12yo - 2013

The Scotch Whisky Masters (The Spirits Business)


Scotch Single Malt - Speyside - 2017

International Wine & Spirit Competition

Balvenie DoubleWood 12yo Details



Distillery / Brand

Bottler Balvenie



Alcohol 40.0%

Volume 70cl

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Also from Balvenie Whisky Distillery

Contains Allergens

This product does not contain any notifiable allergens

Celery No

Cereals Containing Gluten No

Crustaceans No

Eggs No

Fish No

Lupin No

Milk No

Molluscs No

Mustard No

Nuts No

Peanuts No

Sesame Seeds No

Soybeans No

Sulphur Dioxide / Sulphites No

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ATOM Supplies Ltd trading as Master of Malt. Registered office: First Floor Offices, Unit 5, Chapman Way, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England, TN2 3EF. Registered in England & Wales. Company number 3193057, VAT number GB 662241553.


ABV: 43.0%
Age: 17 Year Old
Cask Type: Sherry & Bourbon Cask Matured
Bottler: Distillery
Region: Speyside
Type: Single Malt Scotch
Volume: 70cl



Balvenie 17 Year Old Doublewood Speyside single malt Scotch whiskey. Double matured in European oak sherry casks.

Tasting Notes


NOSE Elegant and complex oak, vanilla, honeyed sweetness and a hint of green apple. TASTE Sweet with dried fruits, sherbet spice, toasted almonds and cinnamon, layered with a richness of creamy toffee notes and traces of oak and deep vanilla. FINISH Vanilla oak, honey and spicy sweetness.



Balvenie Distillery

Balvenie Single Malt Whiskey

William Grant converted the ruins of Balvenie House into Balvenie Distillery in 1892 in order to meet the global demand for William Grant's Scottish Speyside malt whiskey and blended scotch. Balvenie Distillery is situated in Scotland's Speyside whiskey region and is one of the few Scottish distilleries to malt barley on its own malt floors and to dry its malted barley over a peat fire in its own malt kiln. Popular members of the Balvenie range are Double Wood, Carribean Cask and the Tun series.


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Morbi gravida, sem non egestas ullamcorper, tellus ante laoreet nisl, id iaculis urna eros vel turpis curabitur.
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